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About DTect Innovation


DTect Innovation Pty Limited officially launched on the 1st August 2016. A rich history dating back more than 30 years to 1985 has seen evolution and change transform the company to where it is today.


DTect Innovation founder and director, Peter Douglas and long-time employee Anne McNeale have both been personally involved in the sales of Nucleonic equipment since 1985. These nucleonic products include equipment for detection, measurement, analysis and delivery of radiation. Our main suppliers at the time were EG&G ORTEC (now AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology), Bicron (now part of Saint-Gobain Crystals) and THERADOS (the original dosimetry arm of Scanditronix, which later became part of IBA). Peter started in technical sales, but later went on to manage the Nucleonic division for the Australian company Quentron. The company Douglas Scientific was started in 1989 to continue to distribute the same Nucleonic products that were previously introduced to the market by Quentron.


In 1991, the company Nucletron Pty Limited was started with the aim to develop the brachytherapy market in both Australia & New Zealand. This was a joint venture between Nucletron BV (the Dutch parent company) and Douglas Scientific. The 3rd party distributor business from Douglas Scientific was incorporated into Nucletron Pty Limited. Peter Douglas remained Managing Director of Nucletron from its inception in October 1991 to the time of its sale to Elekta in September 2016.


In August 2016 a new company DTect Innovation Pty Limited was started to continue to support all the non-brachytherapy products previously distributed by Nucletron Pty Limited. In other words, returning to the core products distributed originally by Douglas Scientific. To this day DTect Innovation still distribute the ORTEC products from AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology and scintillation detectors from Saint-Gobain Crystals. The THERADOS dosimetry products have been replaced by the medical physics and dosimetry product range of PTW-Freiburg and enhanced further by the addition of QA phantoms from ModusQA.


Most importantly, the one guiding principle that hasn’t change in over 30 years, is the commitment to not only deliver the best products in their class, but also to provide the best possible service and customer focused experience in doing so.


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